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Take Care of What is in Front of You

The tide of need in this world is like a tsunami. It swirls around us everyday in the news, on the street and online. If you are paying attention, it might be easy to feel very small and powerless in the wake of such tremendous, relentless need.

People are homeless, hungry, discouraged and ill. And it’s not just the people: animals are suffering too. Abused, thrown away and neglected.

Heartbreaking. Devastating. Continuous. Need.

Bad News Headines

This article has me thinking about something a dear friend of mine shared about the life and works of Mother Teresa. When confronted with the magnitude of need before her – when challenged that she could not possibly make a dent in that need, Mother Teresa’s advice was simple: “…do the thing that’s in front of you.”

There is real power in that. If each of us reaches out to take care of what is placed in our path, if we respond to what is in front of us, we will push back the tide of need. A million small actions creating critical mass – making an enduring difference.

In this season, my prayer is for each of us to see and respond to what is in front of us.


10 Responses to “Take Care of What is in Front of You”

  1. Bob Burg Says:

    Such great wisdom from two of my favorite teachers and mentors, Mother Teresa and Dondi Scumaci. Yes, we cannot do everything, but we can absolutely do something. And, as you say, with millions of people doing even just a little something, millions and millions of people (and animals) can be helped. Thank you for sharing such great and practical wisdom.

  2. Dondi Says:

    Thank you Bob. I loved that wisdom from Mother Teresa too. it really helped me focus on the actions I can take to make a real difference in real time. You my friend have made such a difference in so many lives – mine included. I will quote a mentor friend of mine, “I appreciate ‘cha.”

  3. Amy Wells Says:

    Dondi, you are precious to blog this and i love your heart!

    I’m a firm believer in “You find what you are looking for.” I believe we can always bless everyone we meet. Whether it be a big smile, a friendly nod, a loving gesture, intentional encouragement, or simply loving them out loud. We can be the difference in their life.

  4. Maria del Pilar Cuadrado Says:

    So grateful I’ve got to read this!! Little by little we can spread endless love!!
    Precioso, congrats!

  5. Kathy Zader Says:

    Beautifully said Dondi! Thank you for being so inspiring.

  6. Dondi Says:

    Amy, Pili and Kathy,

    Thank you so much for your kind comments. Love having you here.

    You are right Amy, we can be the difference. When we are in pain, even the smallest kindest speaks volumes.


  7. Linda Ryan Says:

    Really great ideas here~ do what you can! I can’t cure world hunger, but I can donate to the food drive. I can’t clean up the entire planet, but I can pick up trash as I walk through my neighborhood. If we don’t start, we’ll never finish. Thanks Dondi!

  8. Dondi Says:

    Thank you for these tangible examples Linda. Spot on – if we don’t start we will never finish. These examples also remind me of two things – role modeling positive behaviors and the ripple effect these actions have. Appreciate your comments!

  9. Tracy Dacko Says:

    I’m with you Dondi! This approach can be applied to everything from cleaning a messy kitchen to tackling a multi-faceted work project, as well as more global examples like Linda gave. The only way to realize your grand plans is to tackle them one step at a time!

    Great post – and very timely as we are defining our lofty goals for 2012!

    Best wishes and Happy Holidays to you,

    P.S. One of my best friends in elementary school’s name was Dondi. Never found anyone else with that name until now! :)

  10. Dondi Says:

    Thank you for your message Tracy. You are exactly right and onto something important. The same process can used to conquer what small or large – simple or complex. Wisdom. So nice to meet you!

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